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Raja Ampat Check Out Dives 2011!

Blue Ring Octopus

BRO found on the first checkout dive in Nov. 2011.


Although technically our normal check out dive site is not in Raja Ampat, it is still one of my favorite critter spots (semi muck dive).

In 2011, Ethel found this crazy BRO (Blue Ring Octopus) for Marla and I at the end of our first dive.

We board the ship at 9AM on departure day.  If everyone is well organized we can work in 3 dives the first day.  If not, we can manage 2 dives.

After the night dive and dinner we cruise to Raja Ampat and arrive in plenty of time for our first “real” Raja Ampat dive at 7AM the next morning.

Our check out spot is shallow with a sloped sandy bottom.  It’s a great place to get one’s buoyancy correct, and to test dive and camera equipment without worrying too much about damaging coral.


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