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How to Pack for a Dive Trip – Idea #1

Pack Small Items in One Container

Pack Small Items in One Container

IDEA #1: Organize Small Items

Organize small items or pieces of equipment in your large bag by placing them in a number of very sturdy small containers.

Packing the Container with Dive & Photo Gear

For example, a food storage container can be used to contain battery chargers, cords, filters, batteries, repair parts for a housing, extra o-rings, adapters, etc. Even small flashlights (torches) or video lights can travel inside.

Be sure to pack each container so that items inside won’t rattle around.

Choosing Containers and Packing Material

Bubble wrap or foam packing is good!

Foambymail is a good source for packing foam.

Choose containers that are flexible, not brittle, with a tight fitting lid.

Rubbermaid offers such containers in a variety of sizes.

Expand the Idea

This is also a great idea for liquid toiletries (shampoo, etc.). If all liquids are in one container, they are easy for airport security to check, and less likely to leak in your bag.

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