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Check out Dive!

Check out dives on the trip’s departure day are not in Raja Ampat, however we often find the site to be one of the best for night dives.

Platydoris formosa nudibranchs

Platydoris formosa nudibranchs

November 18 – 30, 2014 trip.

From a distance I thought these two nudibranchs were a Spanish Dancer.

They were instead two Platydoris formosa nudibranchs, both the size of a dinner plate!

We always board the ship early on departure day and do several check out dives.

Deb's Mask - Split Skirt

Deb’s Mask – Split Skirt

They are an opportunity for divers to check their dive equipment, camera equipment, adjust buoyancy, and just get comfortable in the water before we start diving Raja Ampat.

It is definitely worthwhile to have a change to check equipment before getting to the really great dive sites!

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