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Sardine Reef - Raja Ampat

Sardine Reef from one of our first trips.


Hello!  I’m Deb Fugitt.

Since 1999 I’ve been organizing small group dive trips to Raja Ampat. First the trips were land-based.  Now we travel in Indonesia by liveaboard.

When I first went to Raja Ampat in 1999,  the only communication possible was by shortwave radio.  On 9/11/2001 we were flying out to Sorong and got only a little news during a stop in Makassar.  We arrived in Raja Ampat on 9/12 and I remember huddling around the shortwave radio trying to get some sense of what was happening in the outside world.  Raja Ampat was so remote that we had to wait for new arrivals at the dive “resort” to know what was happening in the outside world.

There was no refrigeration.  We ate a lot of canned tuna and stale bread, and learned to love warm Bintang.

The generator ran just enough to fill tanks and charge batteries.  Nights were quiet and lit by kerosene lanterns.  We were awakened by birds.   Vast improvements, many more tourist divers, and more people in Sorong and Raja Ampat have quickly brought about massive changes.

This Oct/Nov 2012 we hope to communicate fun info about our Raja Ampat liveaboard trip as we experience the dives.  We are cruising in comfort these days with AC, ice cold Bintang, 24/7 electricity and even Nitrox!  Yet with careful planning and Sorong-Sorong round trips we can still enoy the birds, the beautiful islands and a night sky overflowing with stars.

Don Silcock, the photo pro and my assistant for these 2012 trips and I plan to update this Dive Blog whenever possible.

I hope that some of our 12 guests on each trip will have something to add as well.  I know there are amazing photographers on this year’s trips.

Tony Matheis, who has assisted on these trips since 1999, will be in the office in Texas to coordinate with guests coming on this year’s trips.  He will also be able to answer questions if you want to join one of my 2013 trips.

Norberto, Aan and Mikel, will again be providing divers with their years of experience in Raja Ampat to help insure our trips serve up the best possible dives.

See The Dive Team.

I hope that you’ll join us vicariously through this Dive Blog to get just a little bit of enjoyment out of our experiences.  (Great work-time activity!)

Off to Indonesia in 4 days!

Deb Fugitt
Small group dive trips in Indonesia